Established in 1982 by Naydu Commenoz, the gallery is a space where what is possible and what is surprising meet. We promote a wide array of artists with varying backgrounds, from local to internationally well-known. The director carefully curates original artwork for the public to fall in love with. We bring together artists and art-lovers through numerous entertaining and enjoyable events held in our gallery throughout the year. These encompass single-artist exhibitions and group shows. "We believe in the beauty of artistic expression."


Slide In her words, "It's important to realize that every single human being is important. In terms of feelings, the only important thing is love, and to give, not necessarily material things, but to give a smile, to give a hug, to say good morning, little things that really can change a person's day just by being there... present. Nothing is important but the relationships you have with people... to give joy, and I think this is contagious." Naydu, the owner and curator of Commenoz Gallery, having lived in many parts of the world and continuing to travel a portion of the year to Europe, prefers the intimacy of her Gallery in Key Biscayne as her home base. Commenoz Gallery was opened in 1982, during the early days of Key Biscayne when the island was not developed, but it was a paradise for Naydu and her late husband, Serge. They worked together for 25 years sharing in the experience of the art world. Upon his passing, Naydu continued the work becoming an integral player in the fast emerging and now prominent art scene of Miami.

Represented are artists that produce quality art and whose art speaks to many. Naydu is conscious to select artists that have a defined language and style and that are authentic and recognizable anywhere in the world, and most importantly that give of themselves to their work regardless of the fluctuations in the market. It is a risk she takes that has paid off, curating independent of market trends or of the investment opportunity of the piece. Following her instinct, she has represent an array of styles that are timeless but unique that become their own enduring style.

Most rewarding for Naydu is giving back to the artist in the form of feedback; selecting and knowing that the pieces she has selected on behalf of the artist, have touched someone. She also finds much satisfaction when her clients are excited about a piece they have purchased or the buzz of an exhibition, because it represents that staying true to her intuition provides joy to those that appreciate the art.

Naydu fosters a welcoming atmosphere in her Gallery that draws many to browse or purchase, and even just to enjoy her company and the energy of the art in the space. Experience the “open door” feel that will leave you wanting to return.


Commenoz Gallery offers on-site custom framing services. We are committed to providing an excellent experience by suggesting ideas to create the desired look and feel that will fit your home and lifestyle.

All your pieces are handled with the utmost care and remain on premise at all times. Our white glove service applies to beloved items of sentimental value as well as to fine art.

We use materials that will support the longevity of the art. As an example, our matting features Artcare™ technology made with 100% cotton or virgin alpha cellulose, fade and bleed resistant, maintaining alkaline pH, acid free and lignin free matting that extends the life of the art by slowing paper degradation, neutralizing acid by-products and protecting against damaging pollutants.