Arrington MAGNY is a Key Biscayne resident.  Her work has been shown in the southeast, on the east coast from Miami to New York, in Paris and Venice, Singapore and Hong Kong.  Her paintings are created through a rigorous layering process where the materials used range from charcoals, pastels, pigment and paint, to plaster, mud, concrete and sand.


    Each of these paintings was created here in my downtown Miami studio, for the purpose of showing at Commenoz Gallery in Key Biscayne.  As such, they all have elements which I find make this place so vibrant and unique.  In each painting you will find loose renderings of boats, navigational markers, Stiltsville, regattas, the lighthouse, etc.  While creating these paintings, working to build something relevant and meaningful, my mind was filled with notions of displacement, connection, the meaning of home; the often long and enduring journeys that brought each of us to this place, and what makes it special.  Each painting takes a particular perspective on these overarching inquiries, which I will detail below.


    Genus Loci


    Genus loci denotes the Roman concept of the 'spirit of place'.  This painting is an inquiry into the particular spirit of this particular place.  In different layers you will find maritime elements juxtaposed with rough sketches of the downtown skyline, the Rickenbacker bridge, and even the 4th of July procession.  Circles reflect the cycles of the moon and the the indifference of time.  The red signifies the heat, as well as the strong Latin presence in this culturally diverse paradise.  To steal Edward Hopper's words, if I could explain this in words, there would be no need to paint.


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